Germany, Vietnam and Venice.

Sex, racketeering and murder.

Fetishes, fornicators and fucked up individuals.

Domination, submission and people who can't decide.

Yes, it's in there. 

Sebastian Kohl
Dishonest right down to the deformed bone that created the hump in his back. On approach he is a tailored suit lumbering forward, rocking side to side with a forearm crutch stabbing the floor. The pirate’s patch over his eye does little to mask what must have been an ocular catastrophe that never healed properly. He uses his free hand to dab around the bottom of the patch with a handkerchief. By the time he gets close enough for you to smell his rancid breath you wonder about the flavor of his mouthwash.

Mistress Please/Caress
Dominatrix/Retiring shake dancer in Sebastian's strip club. Sampson and Delilah hair cascades over her toned shoulders and along the lengths of her open arms--not to hold you but to control you. Her National Geographic breasts bob like water balloons. Her blackberry areola are almost the same color as her skin, and very smooth. It was as if they have never been kissed but you know they have. The contrasts are many and Caress exploits them all. Music, scene and strut, she controls an entire room. Never mind what the audience sees--she harbors the lust of the most intense voyeur. Are you watching her, or is she watching you?

Lieutenant Colonel of the US Army, Diego Cordoba wants to grow a new pair and be seen as a tough guy. By definition it means that for Terry, his lover, he may have to find the testicular fortitude to give up just about everything. Mistress Please has a therapy for that but is he our mystery submissive? Keep reading....

Sargeant Major Canada runs the Officers Club. He is our resident Judas Goat. Manipulative, but charming, no telling where he's leading you. His gods are just about the same as Sebastian's: money and power and respect, and not necessarily all of those at the same time. The conflict within this otherwise self-disciplined individual is that he harbors fears that run as deep as bone marrow, and it is his goal to have a transplant. Mistress Please has therapy for that, too.  Keep reading....

Our chaplain's wife defines him in comparison and in contrast. Martin Luther meets Jethro. In civilian clothing Michael is a vertical speed bump. When women walk by they instinctively know there's more to him than the authentic boy-off-the-farm looks, organic charisma and humble intelligence. Attentive. Sensitive. A good listener. Something about him is a turn-on for every woman he encounters...including Mistress Please. Touch not thine anointed!  Keep reading....​

Madame Quang

Sebastian's counterpart is based in Vietnam and operates a steam bath, among other things, on the military base in Long Binh. Besides contraband, she is a source of premium feminine byproduct and all around trouble. Let's leave it at that for now.


Vaughan’s wife. She’s a Sexy Ida straight off the Soul Train line. Smart but she grew up poor. Along with Michael and his wife, Gwen, she grew up in the south. She is the antithesis of Diego's wife in every way. Her eyes are two perfect almond halves floating on high cheekbones, relaxing in a natural, soft chocolate bath somewhere on an African savannah. To get her freak on at Vaughan’s expense and with his consent should have been enough, but that pussycat could swallow an ocean and still have cotton mouth.


Diego can't get enough of this scandalous love and will stop at nothing to have this hooker all to himself, on his terms and in their world. Well groomed hands, a wax-tight body and fine breeding make Terry presentable in mixed company. The way Terry gives Diego's pistol a blow job secures the role of the concubine. 

And more...

Buster and Bunny, Anna and Sharon, Bird, Good Pussy (a.k.a. Good Puddin' in Malfeasance) and Sugar Baby. Brief but bodacious appearances are yours to thump against.

Cum follow me. 

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