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Bloom’s upcoming erotic novel, Blood Clot, will take the reader to another place and time, specifically the West Indies at the end of the Nineteenth Century. Stockholm syndrome meets Lima syndrome when Ivory can't keep her hands off of Colette, her childhood playmate whose abusive husband makes their intimate relationship develop easily.

A love before its time make captor and hostage one in the same. From the island of Petit Tabaq to London, then aboard the RMS Titanic, you will follow Talon and his wife, Ivory, who will stop at nothing—absolutely nothing!—to secure their individual desires for financial and emotional security.

Sapphire Bloom is an author inspired by actual events. In a series of vignettes she has created Panties on the Table and Malfeasance, two novels that started out as one in the same—one explicit, and one abridged for the more conservative reader. This is the first approach at this concept in the genre of erotica. Malfeasance will be released in the summer of 2017.

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